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I'm a Product Designer based in London, with an insatiable hunger for learning, excellence, and problem-solving. I balance business goals and technical constraints with creating the best user experience possible.

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last Update: October '20

Looking for a full-time opportunity in London, UK, as a Product Designer (UX & UI), in-house or agency. View resume

Working atShoreditch Design Studio as a UX/UI Designer, Brainfood as a Visual/Motion Designer, and I created Design Journey to help people transitioning into UX Design.

LearningIDF courses, digital illustration, and motion design.


I have balanced a managerial job in hospitality while simultaneously running my own business selling illustrations online as well as offering freelance services such as custom illustrations, branding, and social media content, for many clients.

Why UX Design

My previous experiences made me realise that I love solving problems and help others have a pleasant experience. I transferred those skills into user experience design. Also, having an excellent eye for details from previous art studies in Spain translates well into user interface design.

In conclusion, my natural curiosity and interest in continuous learning have driven me in the pursuit of a UX/UI career. It was the best and the hardest decision of my life.

People I worked with

These are LinkedIn recommendations.

Casian was part of a UX/UI team LevelStudios engaged to redesign a Vegan/Vegetarian lifestyle app. We could not be happier with both him and his team’s work. Casian is a talented designer and helped us (a team of Developers) through the complex research design processes, sharing the reasoning behind the design decisions - something we greatly appreciated. Over a series of weekly, sometimes daily meetings involving stakeholders, developers, and the design team Casian was engaged, committed and it is obvious to see he cared about getting the best design solution for our project. We would not hesitate to work with Casian, a creative and highly professional designer, again.

David Pears | Co-Founder and Software Developer at Voodie

David was a client of Casian’s

It was a pleasure to work with Casian Pascu. Casian is easygoing and witty. He has an excellent sense of UX/UI design that matches his communication and organizational skills. Casian is always quick to integrate feedbacks to ensure deliverables follow the client's vision. Casian's commitment to quality and perfection is the cornerstone to his success. He delivered in time what i needed and with very high quality, even surpassing my high expectations. I recommend Casian unequivocally; it was a great experience working with him!

François Paillier | CEO & Co-Founder of CIRCAGENE ltd.

François was a client of Casian’s

I had the pleasure of teaching Casian during his time at Flatiron School. A super-motivated creative, Casian applied his background in illustration and graphic design to the world of UX/UI design. A team-player and great motivator, Casian was a a great asset to the cohort and an excellent designer who I would be happy to recommend.

Dan Foster | UX/UI Designer | UX Consultant | Design Educator

Dan was Casian’s teacher

Having worked with Casian on two separate projects spanning 11 weeks, I can confidently say that he is a very well-rounded and highly talented design professional. Not only is Casian an extremely gifted Visual Designer and illustrator, but his expertise in creating stunning user experiences never failed to impress me. He always brought the highest level of dedication, an exceptional imagination and level of knowledge to each project we worked on, which turned out to be highly successful. Casian is extremely organized and a visual perfectionist, and never hesitated to work overtime in order to achieve excellence. He was always able to successfully complete any task within a given deadline, and consistently delivered high quality design deliverables. I will always hold Casian in the highest regard and hope we have the chance to work together again in the near future!

Charles Edwards | User Experience Designer

Casian worked with Charles

I had the opportunity of knowing Casian for the past six months, who is an outstanding UX/UI designer.Casian is exceptional and is extremely detailed with his work who has a good eye for detail. He is one of the most professional, and hard-working colleagues I’ve had the chance to work with.He is dedicated, self-motivated, and very knowledgable with creative and design software. Very impressed by his illustration skills. I would certainly recommend him as both a UX/UI designer.

Jaissie Ngan | UX Designer

Jaissie and Casian were students together

I have had the pleasure to teach Casian UX/UI design at Flatiron School. Naturally talented as graphic designer he also manage to apply to his works a deep knowledge of user centred design principles. His imaginative creativity together with scientific UX methodology and his great team work dynamics make Casian a good choice for any design team.

Michele Stara | Lead UX/UI Instructor at Flatiron School

Michele was Casian’s mentor

I have had the pleasure of working with Casian for almost a year now. Amongst his various skills, what I find really impressive is his dedication to the UX/UI craft. His ability to create iteratively refined, aesthetically pleasing and professional level UI is consistently shown throughout his work. He is a great team player, and a wonderful, witty person who pushes for top results in everything he does.

William Dias Prada | UX/UI Designer

William and Casian were students together

I have worked with Casian for 4 weeks in my UI/UX web designs. In addition to superior design and technology skills, Casian brings a level of professionalism that is hard to match—he delivers peace of mind to my enquiries and recommendation. Casian has met every challenge faced on to create sharp, contemporary designs. I recommend him gladly.

Jackeline Palma | CEO | PMO | COO | Life Sciences Expert | Genomics

Jackeline was a client of Casian’s

I'm a foodie, gamer, & nerd

In my free time, I love watching TV shows, movies and drawing or helping other artists to get exposure online on Instagram and Spotify. I’m a foodie by nature and love trying new cuisines. Breakfast is the best meal of the day!

"If traveling was free,
you'd never see me again"

Every chance I have, I start travelling and exploring. There is so much opportunity to learn and grow in the world. I capture architecture, landscapes, portraits and any moment from my experiences.


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